Why proponents of socialism in the US need to focus on Venezuela

Venezuela is well known for its political turmoil and stumbles over the years. The country has become much more poor and stratified in recent years. It could become the center of attention when it comes to worldwide politics. But for some reason, people don’t always look to Venezuela as an example. It is worth thinking about socialism in the United States and how it could affect people. Venezuela stands as an example of a modern socialist state, although it is fraught with problems. Think about these problems within the context of a renewed debate about socialism versus capitalism on the world’s stage.

Critics will point out that Venezuela has done business with Capitalist countries in the past. That flies in the face of the socialist viewpoint that people should be self sufficient. Venezuela is well known as an oil producing nation. The country has been a significant supplier of oil to nations around the world. That makes them a leader and a popular figure in a lot of ways. Venezuela is waiting to make a big difference for those who are living within the borders. But the socialist model and dictator Hugo Chavez might not have the influence to lead properly.

Other countries have wafted between socialism and capitalism before now. Denmark is a great example of a modern state that has changed their form of government. They were once consumed by capitalism and even played the colonial game for a while. But recently, Denmark has switched to a socialist state with its citizens. Health care and other services are held to a minimum for those following along. Venezuela needs to choose what path they will take in the future. The balance of the lives of many could be at risk. That is important and people will be considering how that will work.

The debate rages onward and people should think about the facts. Hugo Chavez is a dictator and that does not look good for Venezuela. That country is facing some difficult criticism from a lot of corners. Venezuela needs to stay on the forefront of socialism to gain respect. That includes taking care of its citizens and people will be following with great interest. Hugo Chavez will receive similar criticism for how he tends to act. He will be followed and his works criticized around the world. The United States can do their part by following the news reports in good time.

The model for socialism is based around a few factors. Principles and dignity are held in high esteem for all those that are involved. Socialism might be viable, but it may be marred by other factors along the way. Venezuela is held to a certain standard and needs to own up to its own mistakes. Critics fear that toppling the country would result in catastrophe. That has added to the power of dictator Hugo Chavez as well. These factors will decide whether the socialist model really does work. Some say that Venezuela might be in need of a regime change soon.

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