What Tech Lovers Should Be Looking Forward To In 2018 And Beyond

The only things in life that are constant are change and taxes. The most vivid reminder of consistent change in our society is technology. More specifically, tech products will improve continuously. For example, the launch of the iPhone X was the highlight of the technology world last year. Another significant move was the discontinuation of AOL Instant Messenger, which was a dominant player in the 1990s, and it never faded away until the late 2000s. It had to give way to Facebook and Twitter among other messaging services that are social media platforms as well. This year, 2018, is not an exception. Significant changes in the tech world will occur. Here are some of the things that you should wait for with great anticipation.

The Launch of the Magic Leap One

This product has numerous functions. It is an augmented reality headset that acts as a controller, a headset, and a computer. Augmented Reality (AR) is a modern form of technology that generates a computer image, and then it superimposes it on your view of the world. Consequently, you will end up with a composite picture in front of you. AR is different from VR, i.e., Virtual Reality because it augments what you see. In contrast, VR replaces what you see in front of you with computer-generated images. Google is backing this project, so it is likely to be a game changer in the world of AR. For instance, Magic Leap One projects a three-dimensional image on your retinas, unlike other AR headsets.

The Red Hydrogen Phone

Hollywood is the home of the most technologically advanced cameras worldwide. Founded in 1999, the Red Digital Camera Co. is one of the most renowned manufacturers of these devices for cinema in the US, China, and Europe. Red is planning to launch a phone sometime soon. It will go by the title, Red Hydrogen Phone.’ This phone will be the first holographic device in history that will be available to the mass market. It will be revolutionary, but it will not be cheap. The titanium version of it will cost $1,595, which is more than $500 above the price of the iPhone X. Fortunately, the aluminum alloy version of it will cost $1,195 which is more affordable than the titanium one, but still out of the reach of many people.

Solar Roof Tiles from Tesla

Elon Musk is famous for his outrageous ideas. Interestingly, his plans change the face of the world. For example, Space X is on the verge of lowering the cost of space travel considerably through the reuse of orbital rockets. Tesla is now a pioneer and leading manufacturer of electric cars. Consequently, it is unsurprising that Elon Musk’s company has a grand idea for 2018, i.e., manufacturing solar roof tiles at a low cost. They could sell for as little as $42 each or $11 if you buy them without photovoltaic cells inside them. That is a revolutionary concept because it means you can access solar power cheaply and continuously. Moreover, it will change the energy industry because access to an alternative source of power that is environmentally friendly will increase considerably.

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