3 Conspiracy Theories in 2017 That Are Realer Than You Think

Was the moon landing fake? Is the Queen of England actually an ancient reptilian shapeshifter that performs child-eating rituals? Did the U.S. invade the Middle East to keep leaders from opening a star-gate? Conspiracy theories may be pretty unbelievable, but they’re certainly fun.

Though, scary and fascinating theories about what the man behind the curtain is really up to isn’t a thing of the past – 2017 has created some of the most shocking and possibly truthful ones of them all.

Could these three be legit?

Manchester Massacre 2017 – False Flag by the British Prime Minister?
2016 was no stranger to a terrorist attacks that were branded by many conspiracy theorists as “false flag” operations. These operations are characterized by governments, prominent political figures, and even religious leaders collaborating to cause or stage terrorist attacks themselves, in an effort to pit public opinion against a country or organization, or to draw attention away from their own more nefarious doings.

The going conspiracy for 2017 is that this has only just begun. There will be many more terrorist attacks and mass shootings, enough to put every year as of yet to shame. More-so, it claims the Manchester Massacre is one of them, a tragedy that cost 22 lives and supposedly was approved of by British Prime Minister Theresa May. Comedian Rufus Hound was the first to start this theory, claiming on Twitter that it was an epic ruse to prevent the Prime Minister’s pole lead from sliding.

Seth Rich – Working with the Russians and Murdered by the Clintons?
No doubt the recent U.S. presidential election has stirred up doubt, anger, and mistrust in everyone from every political party. However, the leading conspiracy involving the Clintons for 2017 actually started last July with the death of one DNC (Democratic National Committee) staffer Seth Rich. The police reported that it was a robbery gone bad which left the 27-year-old shot dead near his house in Washington, D.C., but many right-wingers including Sean Hannity of FOX News claim otherwise.

A trusted FOX News contributor and private investigator claimed that Seth Rich had leaked the infamous Clinton emails to WikiLeaks, rather than the Russians, as he’d supposedly been in contact with them just before his death. The theory goes that the Clintons had him murdered as punishment for his actions – actions which are popularly believed to have cost presidential candidate Hilary Clinton the election.

Though FOX retracted this story, the well-trusted right-winger Sean Hannity is quoted saying, “I retract nothing,” and seemingly drives to investigate it further in order to reveal the truth.

Stock Market Crash – Created By Anti-Trump Globalists?
If we’re to believe the world is controlled by a greater secret society capable of pulling the strings of all governments, economies, and armies, then we have to believe crashing a stock market won’t be any big deal. If you don’t want to ride that large of a conspiracy theory train, then think smaller; with so many anti-Trump people populating this world, incredibly angry about his election to power, what kind of impact could their united force make?

Crash the stock market to ruin his legacy?

That’s what the going theory says; that anti-Trump globalists will purposefully crash the stock market in 2017 in order to slander his name forever. And possibly punish all the Trump supporters as well. It’s a classic “cut off your nose to spite your face” mentality, and theorists are not quite in agreement about who will see it come to fruition. Anti-Trump secret society, which surprisingly couldn’t keep him out of office? Or an angry everyday public? In either case, there is some truth to it – the stock market does show signs of trouble.

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