Competition between Search Engines

With a variety of different search engines easily accessible right from our fingertips, the answer to our many questions can be answered quickly and accurately with a simple internet search. When many of us think about search engines, the first one that pops into our minds is often google. With google all you need to do is go to their site and type in a few words related to your inquiry and soon you will be presented with thousands of results. This is universal with almost every search engine. But how did google get to be the search engine giant that it is today?

How did it start?

Google initially launched sometime in the late 1990’s and quickly rose to the top becoming the dominator in internet search engines. It has since become a part of our daily lives, answering questions and providing location and businesses all with the stroke of a few keys, making life easier. Online search engines have since become the representation of over half of all online advertisements, receiving massive amounts of traffic. It is estimated that by late this year worldwide ad spending will reach the likes of $170 billion dollars!


While google is definitely the big name in search engines, even becoming a verb for those who need to “google” a recipe or business information. There are in fact other big name search engines that provide google with a little competition. These other search engines include places such as Bing and Yahoo. Perhaps the biggest threat to google is not these search engines specifically, but the ones that are located within big name apps and social media. Search engines belonging to the likes of Facebook and Amazon are quickly speeding towards becoming googles biggest competitor. Because Facebook has over 1.32 billion active accounts, this makes for a sizable amount of traffic using their search engine. The reason behind this is because it is easy, and accessible without leaving the Facebook page.

How Can These Search Engines Get a Leg Up?

It is recommended that if you wish to compete with google that you start small. Amazon has actually been identified as perhaps googles biggest threat. This is not due to the larger scale of searches, but the smaller niche of product searches. Many people who logon find themselves inevitably in need of product information. No matter what the product, Amazon is most likely going to find it quickly; after all, they do specialize in product sales.

Another way to offer up some fresh competition is for the company to work toward technological advances as well as innovation. It is because of this fact that Apple is beginning to rise in this industry. Other factors such as ad blockers also facilitate an easier retrieval of desired information. If you have been on google recently than you know that there is an entire other world of advertisements. Apple works to effectively block such ads, making them the better choice for uninterrupted searching.

The Bottom Line?

Google is undoubtedly a Goliath in the internet, and search engine world. They are not however, completely undefeatable. With the right amount of drive and initiative it would not be that difficult for a new search engine to rise up and steal millions of internet searches from google. Not only with ease of use, but a user-friendly experience.

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