How to protect yourself from being spied on in 2020

Regardless of what you do, where you live, and who you are, you’ll agree with me that there is nothing as important as keeping your sensitive details private. You’d not want to imagine a situation where everything you do get known to unwanted individuals. Unfortunately, staying private is somewhat hard considering the current advancements in technology. Government officials, as well as hackers, can now access some of your sensitive information without your consent and this means you are not as safe as you’d think.

The good news is that the same technology that would expose you can also hide you completely so that nobody can spy on you. I’m pretty sure this sounds good, right? If you want to know more then read this post to the end.

Here we are going to look at some of the viable things you can embrace to keep hackers and government officials at a bay.

  1. Using Encrypted Communication

If you send messages to other individuals, such messages can be hacked and the content revealed to unwanted parties. To avoid this, you are advised to use secure massaging apps which lets you send encryption-protected messages to other users of the same apps. These apps will not allow third-parties to have access to your information in whatever the cost. They collect very little details and hence your information remains safe.

  1. Keep Your Devices Up to Date

Your information could leak easily if you fail to update your devices regularly. Keeping devices updated will give you a guarantee that all the security features are functioning properly and thus nobody can compromise them. Modern devices are set in a way that they will notify you whenever an update is available. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore such notifications and this where the mess comes in.

  1. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Nowadays, public Wi-Fi is accessible almost everywhere you go. May it be in schools, cafes, hospitals, etc. But did you know that connecting to such Wi-Fi could bring you troubles you aren’t aware of? Always avoid connecting to such Wi-Fi especially when you want to access some sensitive information such as banking details.

  1. Choose Apps Wisely

Whether you are downloading or receiving an app from a friend, you need to be keen on it. Normally, an app will ask your permission to have full access to certain features amid installation. For example, camera, contacts, photos, mic, dialer etc. If you permit the untrusted app to access such information, then you mean being spied. Don’t install an app you don’t know about.

  1. Strong, Unique Passwords

It would be easier for hackers and government officials to spy on you if you use easy-to-guess passwords. They use software that enables them to crack down simple passwords and this is why you are advised to embrace strong and unique passwords. By the term strong, we mean something that is not easier for others to guess and unique in this case means something you haven’t used elsewhere as your password. Also don’t allow autosave for passwords.

Having read the above post, you are aware of some few steps you can take to protect yourself from spies. You have the right to privacy and you should embrace the above guide to keep your data as secure as possible.

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5 Computer Accessories To Look Forward To in 2019 or Beyond

Computer hardware has been evolving at a breakneck pace for as long as many of us have been alive, with new inventions and innovations seemingly always around the corner that promise to reshape our experience of our connected lifestyle. In this list, we separate the wheat from the chaff and look at five computer accessories that have the potential to be more than just promises:


Though uptake has been slow, advances have been swift in the world of virtual-reality gaming. The HTC Vive Pro is the gold standard in VR, with integrated stereo sound and multiple modes that allow users to play seated or standing in an area as large as 20×20 feet. The screen is small but powerful, boasting a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1660 at 615 PPI. Its ergonomic design and 360 degree field of vision allow the most immersive gameplay to date – we look forward to seeing what software developers have in store now that hardware like the Vive Pro is available.

With the climbing popularity of streaming services like Twitch and the ubiquity of podcasts, the market for affordable, high-quality microphones has become somewhat saturated in the past decade. Blue set the standard with its Yeti microphone and once again leads the pack with its newest offering, the Spark SL 0137. The Spark is a marked improvement over tradition computer microphones, with a large diaphragm cardioid design matched with a low-frequency cutoff and proprietary internals to guarantee crystal clarity and minimal interference.


At a time when gamers have hesitated to embrace VR headsets and immersive gaming, Acer EI1 series monitor offers a stunning compromise between immersion and multipurpose functionality. With an aspect ratio of 32:9, the monitor is twice the width of a conventional widescreen monitor for every inch of height, measuring a full 49” from corner to corner with a 4ms refresh time and a maximum resolution of 3840×1080.


While mobile USB power banks are nothing new, most of us are accustomed to using them on our cellphones or other small
portable electronics – not our laptops. The Powercore 26800 packs enough punch to charge a Macbook three times, and that number doubles if you’re using it charge a late model energy hog smartphone. The powerbank is built with Anker’s quick charging technology, promising up to 8 hours of usage on some devices with a 15 minute charge, and comes with an 18-month warranty for those among us who are suspicious of things that seem too convenient.


Move over, Apple! The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds offer the same convenience as the Airpods, but with even greater
flexibility. These high-quality earpieces come with integrated Alexa voice command capabilities, and can also be used with Siri or Google Assistant for a handsfree connection to the entirety of the internet. If that’s not enough, they boast a five hour battery life and sportier versions of the Jabra are IP67 certified to keep dust, sweat and water from ruining your investment. Accelerometers and heart rate meters are available in the sport models as well.

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Why proponents of socialism in the US need to focus on Venezuela

Venezuela is well known for its political turmoil and stumbles over the years. The country has become much more poor and stratified in recent years. It could become the center of attention when it comes to worldwide politics. But for some reason, people don’t always look to Venezuela as an example. It is worth thinking about socialism in the United States and how it could affect people. Venezuela stands as an example of a modern socialist state, although it is fraught with problems. Think about these problems within the context of a renewed debate about socialism versus capitalism on the world’s stage.

Critics will point out that Venezuela has done business with Capitalist countries in the past. That flies in the face of the socialist viewpoint that people should be self sufficient. Venezuela is well known as an oil producing nation. The country has been a significant supplier of oil to nations around the world. That makes them a leader and a popular figure in a lot of ways. Venezuela is waiting to make a big difference for those who are living within the borders. But the socialist model and dictator Hugo Chavez might not have the influence to lead properly.

Other countries have wafted between socialism and capitalism before now. Denmark is a great example of a modern state that has changed their form of government. They were once consumed by capitalism and even played the colonial game for a while. But recently, Denmark has switched to a socialist state with its citizens. Health care and other services are held to a minimum for those following along. Venezuela needs to choose what path they will take in the future. The balance of the lives of many could be at risk. That is important and people will be considering how that will work.

The debate rages onward and people should think about the facts. Hugo Chavez is a dictator and that does not look good for Venezuela. That country is facing some difficult criticism from a lot of corners. Venezuela needs to stay on the forefront of socialism to gain respect. That includes taking care of its citizens and people will be following with great interest. Hugo Chavez will receive similar criticism for how he tends to act. He will be followed and his works criticized around the world. The United States can do their part by following the news reports in good time.

The model for socialism is based around a few factors. Principles and dignity are held in high esteem for all those that are involved. Socialism might be viable, but it may be marred by other factors along the way. Venezuela is held to a certain standard and needs to own up to its own mistakes. Critics fear that toppling the country would result in catastrophe. That has added to the power of dictator Hugo Chavez as well. These factors will decide whether the socialist model really does work. Some say that Venezuela might be in need of a regime change soon.

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Why You Should Invest in Precious Metals

Nobody want’s to have to work forever. The most common way people avoid this is through retirement plans from working with big companies or taking out policies with a personal investor. The problem with both of these is that you can never really know where your money is or what’s being done with it exactly. Sure you’ll get the odd quarterly report, but chances are you aren’t following the stocks diligently, heck chances are you don’t know much about the markets your money is being invested in. So your left sitting relatively clueless about what’s going on.

Well there is another way. Looking past the complexities of bundled stock and non-government bond options there rests the commodity markets. These are the markets you should be looking at investing in and understanding. They don’t require a degree, just some understanding of fundamentals and a good instinct.

Imagine you have 100 thousand dollars, that’s right 100k. If you were to invest that in the stock market, you’d hope for maybe 7.5% returns per year. So at the end of the year you’d make a whopping 7.5k, not quite understanding how you got there. Now let’s say you put that same money in gold for a day you’d be looking at a return of -10% to +30% per year. Now you may be thinking, what -10%, I don’t want to lose 10k dollars in a year. The reality is that gold and other commodities are day traded and paper traded. This means that they are traded everyday at high’s and lows and that they are traded using “paper”, meaning not the physical stock itself. The latter is just a practical point, because physically moving 100k dollars of gold would be quite a mission.

Now let’s look at the math using an easier commodity to price, Sunflower Oil, on July 17, 2018 you could buy/sell Sunflower Oil at $765 ex Rotterdam, on July 18, 2018 you could buy/sell Sunflower Oil at $770 ex Rotterdam. So let’s take that 100k and invest it here, saying you bought what you could afford, so 130 metric tonnes on the 17th. Now you sell the paper of ownership for this Sunflower Oil at the market on the 18th at a profit of 5 dollars per metric tonne, which is $650. If you took that $650 out and just reinvested the 100k twelve times like that, you’d make $7,800, $300 more than a full year of investing in a market you don’t understand.

The high gains exist in another market, the housing market. Returns admittedly can be over 50% which from a money making strategy is nice. Issues arise from having to put in physical hours and deal with taking a lot of liquidity risk in investing in property. Here is another selling point on the commodity market, the investments you make here is almost as liquid as cash, because commodities are always in demand. Companies will always need precious metals like gold for jewelry and electronic wiring, and people will always need things like Sunflower Oil to cook with.

In summary investing in commodities is a far more viable option than other conventional investments. It is high yielding, and when managed correctly are extremely easy to manage risk for. Outside of both of these the markets are very liquid and most importantly they are easy to understand where they get value from.

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What Tech Lovers Should Be Looking Forward To In 2018 And Beyond

The only things in life that are constant are change and taxes. The most vivid reminder of consistent change in our society is technology. More specifically, tech products will improve continuously. For example, the launch of the iPhone X was the highlight of the technology world last year. Another significant move was the discontinuation of AOL Instant Messenger, which was a dominant player in the 1990s, and it never faded away until the late 2000s. It had to give way to Facebook and Twitter among other messaging services that are social media platforms as well. This year, 2018, is not an exception. Significant changes in the tech world will occur. Here are some of the things that you should wait for with great anticipation.

The Launch of the Magic Leap One

This product has numerous functions. It is an augmented reality headset that acts as a controller, a headset, and a computer. Augmented Reality (AR) is a modern form of technology that generates a computer image, and then it superimposes it on your view of the world. Consequently, you will end up with a composite picture in front of you. AR is different from VR, i.e., Virtual Reality because it augments what you see. In contrast, VR replaces what you see in front of you with computer-generated images. Google is backing this project, so it is likely to be a game changer in the world of AR. For instance, Magic Leap One projects a three-dimensional image on your retinas, unlike other AR headsets.

The Red Hydrogen Phone

Hollywood is the home of the most technologically advanced cameras worldwide. Founded in 1999, the Red Digital Camera Co. is one of the most renowned manufacturers of these devices for cinema in the US, China, and Europe. Red is planning to launch a phone sometime soon. It will go by the title, Red Hydrogen Phone.’ This phone will be the first holographic device in history that will be available to the mass market. It will be revolutionary, but it will not be cheap. The titanium version of it will cost $1,595, which is more than $500 above the price of the iPhone X. Fortunately, the aluminum alloy version of it will cost $1,195 which is more affordable than the titanium one, but still out of the reach of many people.

Solar Roof Tiles from Tesla

Elon Musk is famous for his outrageous ideas. Interestingly, his plans change the face of the world. For example, Space X is on the verge of lowering the cost of space travel considerably through the reuse of orbital rockets. Tesla is now a pioneer and leading manufacturer of electric cars. Consequently, it is unsurprising that Elon Musk’s company has a grand idea for 2018, i.e., manufacturing solar roof tiles at a low cost. They could sell for as little as $42 each or $11 if you buy them without photovoltaic cells inside them. That is a revolutionary concept because it means you can access solar power cheaply and continuously. Moreover, it will change the energy industry because access to an alternative source of power that is environmentally friendly will increase considerably.

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Postsecondary Education Changes over the Past Few Decades

Since the first postsecondary institutions opened their doors over a thousand years ago, it has been going through constant change, especially in the last few decades. This is mostly due to the rapid technological advancement we are witnessing.
New challenges have forced universities to adapt, which has consequently led to significant changes in the postsecondary education over the past few decades.

Significant Shift in Student Demographics

The traditional student is seen as a fresh high-school graduate of 18 to 23 years old, who dedicates full-time to his studies. At the same time, the term non-traditional student’ has been used to identify students over 25 years old who work full time while continuing their studies.

Now around 60% of all the students are working full time or are engaged in the part-time or online study and they are no longer the exception, but the norm. Over 38% of students are over 25 years old.

An Increasingly Competitive Higher Education System

Long time ago universities faced little to no competition. Now, with many new private universities opening their doors, the postsecondary education has become a very competitive market. In the United States, there are almost 7,000 accredited postsecondary institutions.

In addition to that, there are more ways than ever for students to take classes and obtain the knowledge they need, from online classes to corporate universities.

The number of postsecondary institutions is expected to decrease in the next 10 years as many of them have financial difficulties and will soon be bankrupt.

A Very Strong Left-Wing Bias

While universities should be a great environment to debate new theories and test ideas, the strong liberalism of most of the academia has made this virtually impossible. Professors and students who dare to disagree with the common left-wing views are dealt with and the faculty is trying to prevent them from speaking.

Free speech in academia is non-existent for anyone who doesn’t agree with the liberal views. Examples like those of the Brandeis professor who was condemned for racial harassment just because he explained the word ‘wetbacks’. An even more unfortunate case is that of the professor in Florida who was suspended for comparing his exam questions to a ‘killing spree’ show that any innocuous comment can be regarded as offensive.

Tuition Fees Increased Continuously

Tuition has skyrocketed since 1980 and its growth hasn’t been proportionate to the price increase for other consumer goods. The average cost of tuition, fees and room and board was $9,438 in 1980. In the past three decades, the cost has reached $23,872.

This can be explained by the fact that more of the universities’ cost has been passed to the students. The student enrollment has been increasing generating new costs for universities as they needed to hire new staff. At the same time, the government expenditures for each student is lower, thus placing more of the financial burden on the student.

Student-Centered Learning

Initially, students were seen more as customers who buy a service and like any customer, things had to be done to keep them happy and content. Student-centered universities focus on providing the best learning experience for the students as the best way to help them succeed.

Student-centered learning changes the classic transmission of information from the teacher to the learner and uses students in the production of knowledge. This methodology celebrates the individuality of each person and allows students to apply the knowledge in their own context.

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5 New Skills and Jobs You Can Learn Online With Tutorials and Tools without Needing To Go Back To School

The Internet is one of the best gifts that the world has ever received thanks to the growth and development of technology. Thanks to the Internet, information that was initially largely unavailable is now easy to access. This post is aimed at highlighting five new and lucrative skills and jobs that you can learn using Internet tools and tutorials.

1. New language

With the availability of the Internet, you are just a breath away from learning a new language. Acquiring the mastery of foreign languages such as French and German is one of the things capable of elevating your competency in the corporate world. It gives you a competitive edge in the labor market. The good news is that you can teach yourself using one or more of the numerous online tutorials and tools. If you are serious about this, in less than six months, you will be speaking the new language fluently. How cool is this?

2. Baking and pastry work

Whether you desire to learn or improve your baking skills purely for home use, or you wish to make money out of it, online tutorials will come in handy. A good number of people who are enjoying fulfilling baking careers will tell you that they never sat in a classroom. Rather, they used either free or cost friendly online videos to learn and continue to do so to polish their skills.

3. Photography and Photoshop

From holding the camera at the right angle to identifying the best moment to capture a memory, the Internet has got your back. Money and time constraints shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying a great career in photography and Photoshop. There are enough online tutorials and tools to help you master the art of photography. The internet gives you the opportunity of interacting with the world’s leading photographers who cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from weddings, travel, sports, food, and fashion among many others. Take advantage of the extremely cheap online courses on photography.

4. Public speaking

Do you always feel like you have so much to share with the world as a motivational speaker, but your poor public speaking skills keep holding you back? Are you a manager who desires to speak more gracefully yet powerfully? You can finally let out that sigh of relief. You are just a few steps away from becoming one of the best public speakers in the globe. The Internet has no shortage of useful tutorials – either free or cost-friendly – that you can take advantage of. Besides, what could be better than to pick lessons and effective public speaking tips from the professionals you draw inspiration from?

5. Effective money management

It’s useless to make a lot of money if you don’t have what it takes to manage it effectively. You must have come across individuals who make just a half of what you do, yet they seem to do so well in life. They have invested heavily and never complain of financial constraints. It means there is something they are doing that you aren’t. Besides online videos on money management, you can take advantage of useful apps that will help you take control of your hard earned finances. The good thing is that these apps and tutorials are pocket-friendly.

The world population has no excuse whatsoever for failing to reach its full potential. What excuse could one give when he or she can learn all these new skills and jobs online without the need to go back to school? Get out of that comfort zone!

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Acer Predator 21x Gaming Laptop Review

Acer has once again taken the market by surprise. With its jaw dropping design and 21-inch IPS 2000R curved display and a resolution of 2560×1080, Predator 21x might just change the world’s view of gaming forever. Say goodbye to the old gaming laptops and welcome the new eccentric gaming era, which would soon become the norm of this world.

Equipped with cutting edge technology and the most powerful gaming components, the Predator 21x comes with a 2.9 GHz, 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor with 64GB of RAM and a dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs, making multitasking a piece of cake with the system displaying no signs of slowing down. To counterbalance the heat generated by its high processing power, Acer has equipped this piece of beauty with five cooling fans and nine heat pipes, plus an Acer Dust Defender which helps with heat dissipation.

The matte display, with an ultra wide ratio of 21:9, is one of the largest laptop screen and undoubtedly tantalizing. The panel’s color reproduction, at 172 percent of the sRGB gamut, bring the colors to life and even the smallest detail is visible to the naked eye. The curved display helps improve the gaming experience even more and provides an immersive feel to it by integrating the eye tracking technology from Tobii, that allows the users to detect enemies and aim by just gazing at the display. But this feature only works with a certain games for now. The Acer’s Predator 21x also features DoubleShot Pro. This features allows gamers to play on the fastest internet link available.

The four Dolby Audio Premium Speakers and the two subwoofers, immensely enhance the gaming experience, creating the appropriate cinema-like, environment for the gamers while they run through battlefields. It makes a huge impact with its bright LEDs and fully back-lit mechanical keyboard with Cherry Brown MX switches. The touch pad can also be flipped over and converted to a numeric keypad. Above all, the replace-ability and upgrade-ability of some of the hardware components might just be the best feature of this luxurious machine.

With all that is going for the Predator 21x, there are still some drawbacks to it, especially the amazingly ridiculous price tag. This expensive beast is available at a price of $8,999, deeming it unavailable to the average consumer. Not only is it extremely loud, it is also pretty uncomfortable to use it for another occasion other than gaming. The battery life is not quite up to the mark with performance dropping drastically even further when unplugged.

Even though the price of this ambitious device is through the roof to say the least, it has already been registered as “out of stock” at the Acer official site. Only hardcore gamers would be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this equipment and the insane 3D gaming experience that it brings with it.

It is an admirable piece of machinery and the world’s most powerful gaming laptop with a very heavy and bulky design. But overall, Predator 21x, with its superb screen, should be celebrated for its uniqueness.

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3 Conspiracy Theories in 2017 That Are Realer Than You Think

Was the moon landing fake? Is the Queen of England actually an ancient reptilian shapeshifter that performs child-eating rituals? Did the U.S. invade the Middle East to keep leaders from opening a star-gate? Conspiracy theories may be pretty unbelievable, but they’re certainly fun.

Though, scary and fascinating theories about what the man behind the curtain is really up to isn’t a thing of the past – 2017 has created some of the most shocking and possibly truthful ones of them all.

Could these three be legit?

Manchester Massacre 2017 – False Flag by the British Prime Minister?
2016 was no stranger to a terrorist attacks that were branded by many conspiracy theorists as “false flag” operations. These operations are characterized by governments, prominent political figures, and even religious leaders collaborating to cause or stage terrorist attacks themselves, in an effort to pit public opinion against a country or organization, or to draw attention away from their own more nefarious doings.

The going conspiracy for 2017 is that this has only just begun. There will be many more terrorist attacks and mass shootings, enough to put every year as of yet to shame. More-so, it claims the Manchester Massacre is one of them, a tragedy that cost 22 lives and supposedly was approved of by British Prime Minister Theresa May. Comedian Rufus Hound was the first to start this theory, claiming on Twitter that it was an epic ruse to prevent the Prime Minister’s pole lead from sliding.

Seth Rich – Working with the Russians and Murdered by the Clintons?
No doubt the recent U.S. presidential election has stirred up doubt, anger, and mistrust in everyone from every political party. However, the leading conspiracy involving the Clintons for 2017 actually started last July with the death of one DNC (Democratic National Committee) staffer Seth Rich. The police reported that it was a robbery gone bad which left the 27-year-old shot dead near his house in Washington, D.C., but many right-wingers including Sean Hannity of FOX News claim otherwise.

A trusted FOX News contributor and private investigator claimed that Seth Rich had leaked the infamous Clinton emails to WikiLeaks, rather than the Russians, as he’d supposedly been in contact with them just before his death. The theory goes that the Clintons had him murdered as punishment for his actions – actions which are popularly believed to have cost presidential candidate Hilary Clinton the election.

Though FOX retracted this story, the well-trusted right-winger Sean Hannity is quoted saying, “I retract nothing,” and seemingly drives to investigate it further in order to reveal the truth.

Stock Market Crash – Created By Anti-Trump Globalists?
If we’re to believe the world is controlled by a greater secret society capable of pulling the strings of all governments, economies, and armies, then we have to believe crashing a stock market won’t be any big deal. If you don’t want to ride that large of a conspiracy theory train, then think smaller; with so many anti-Trump people populating this world, incredibly angry about his election to power, what kind of impact could their united force make?

Crash the stock market to ruin his legacy?

That’s what the going theory says; that anti-Trump globalists will purposefully crash the stock market in 2017 in order to slander his name forever. And possibly punish all the Trump supporters as well. It’s a classic “cut off your nose to spite your face” mentality, and theorists are not quite in agreement about who will see it come to fruition. Anti-Trump secret society, which surprisingly couldn’t keep him out of office? Or an angry everyday public? In either case, there is some truth to it – the stock market does show signs of trouble.

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Important Cyber Security Tips For Major Companies Owners

Organizations and businesses often operate with substantial risk due to an over dependency on reactive risk countermeasures and vulnerability scanning tools. This risk is of matter not only due to big probability of attack to your IT systems, but also because of the low concern of information security activities in comparison with other functional “necessities”.

This complex organizational concern, almost guarantees that information and cyber security risks isn’t given top priority until after a substantial loss of information or system supply occurs a business. This risk remaining under managed, subject matter all stakeholders to lack of our privileged information and the high cost of system and incident recovery.

The attacks to your systems often aim for core mission and system services for the purpose of getting privileged information as well as for denying usage to key services. Happily for our customers and us there are risk management solutions that optimize security and offer significant resource and cost savings during your business development and functional life cycle (Not only when vulnerabilities are observed). These risk management options, when implemented, offer for mission focus and continuous monitoring while also controlling security requirements with business insight, system functionalities, and functional capabilities.

A workplace needs powerful computers to handle the workload of information which can be used to make the tasks simpler and less expensive and enable knowledge to be shared more effectively so that the organization could benefit from it.

With increased dependence of both employees and employers on modern computers, serious challenges with the potential to harm the productivity have relatively increased as well. These may include disruptions caused by hackers as well as the viruses, which threaten productivity and ultimately prevent employers from maintaining a productive workplace and handle various sensitive data of the employer or the institution.

For businesses or institutions, it is highly essential to have an effective network security so that personal as well as corporate information will remain secure and protected. The most compatible cyber security tool especially designed for the organizations is the next generation firewall. Businesses need the ultimate flexibility of the next generation firewall to be able to distribute the work to match their infrastructure needs and scale over time.

With next generation firewall, you can find unique advantages that can help in dealing with latest threats:

– It provides total network visibility. Since you cannot protect what you can’t see, the best network security and management tool will provide you with the passive, real time visibility of hosts, applications, operating system, users, content, attacks and many more.

– With next generation Intrusion prevention system, you will find third party validation which is best in class threat prevention, which is surely a part of the next generation firewalls. With the combination of granular application and URL access control, you will find the total network protection.

– The Next Generation Firewalls provide intelligent security automation, giving more administrative functions than any other NGFW solutions allowing users not to devote all of its time and energy to cyber security.

– Next Generation Firewalls provide unparalleled performances and capability. Your computer needs more protection along with the maintenance of network performances. The next generation firewall protection is based on single-pass architecture and firepower™ technology that provides overall firewall inspection throughout the options that ranges from 40 Gbps down to 1 Gbps with minimal degradation.

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